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Paraphrasing one of the best writers of the previous century, George Orwell, it is possible to say that “All writing services are equal. But some are more equal than others”. That is probably all we want you to know about our premium essay writer service. It stands out of the crowd, and the reason is simple: we hire essay writers who know their work, who love their work, and who can find personal approach to every customer. At the end of the day, the only thing that you need when you are buying a paper is an excellent and creative writer who will follow your instructions to the letter.

Professional essay writers who know writing

You can appreciate the usability of the website and the communication skills of support team plus you have an essay writer who will make all the work on the highest level. Our argumentation is not off-base! Here is our secret recipe of making an excellent professional writer:

  • Take one English native speaker who loves academic research and make sure he or she has a degree in Business, Arts, Psychology or any other academic discipline (MA, MBA or PhD are perfect);
  • Check if he or she can fit into the team of professional essay writers. Give him a test task and set strict rules and deadlines;
  • Make sure that he or she knows writing. Is he able to analyze the information quickly? Does he stick to the requirements? Can he make the text flow? If the answer is “yes” to each of the questions go to the next step;
  • Add some knowledge about citation styles. The more the better. Help an essay writer to master in formatting styles. APA, MLA, Chicago are essential. Check if he can see the difference between the styles at a first glance;
  • Put him through three months of training: give him plenty of test tasks and check everything thoroughly. Assign him or her a tutor among more experienced essay writers;
  • Teaching is one important aspect part but controlling the process of preparation is another. So make sure the writer copes with every task on the highest level;
  • Creative writer is acute and even can quote renowned academicians, use original metaphors, and jokes when it is appropriate.

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We hire essay writers who create papers of the high standard

Do you know the proverb that goes “You can bring the horse to the water but you can`t make him drink”? It works in any sphere: we hire essay writers who have bright perspectives, teach them but they must already be research experts. Those writers who aim to become the best learn many things and then they send us a resume. Therefore, our company is the place only for professional writers.

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What defines a researcher worth? First of all, experience. No need to explain: each of our essay writer stays with us for years to gain necessary amount of experience. Secondly, personal approach to every client cannot be taught, it can only be elaborated in the process of communication. Thirdly, time management skills can be the gift to a talented writer. Next comes, the ability to think out of the box. We need more creative tasks and more unexpected ways to solve trivial problems. Lastly, passion. At this writing service it is all about passion and drive for writing on the highest level.